1. MEGALODON: The Megalodon is an extinct species of sharks that lived approximately 23-2.6 million years ago. The scientific name of the Megalodon is (Carcharcles Megalodon). Also its name means big tooth.


Andrewsarchus: Andrewsarchus was a mammal that lived approximately 41–48 million years ago. Andrewsarchus was confirmed to be 6 feet high and 12 feet long. It would weigh 453.592 kg.


  1. Entelodon: Entelodon was an enormous ancestor of hoofed animals (Mainly pigs). In Greek it means (“perfect teeth”). Also it’s about 10 feet long and it weighs 453.592. Besides their diet is omnivores.



  1. Helicoprion: Helicoprion is an extinct shark which lived approximately 250-290 million years ago. Also it was first discovered in Russia. And it’s means “spiral saw”. Plus it had a mouth that had triangular teeth that curl into a coil.



The end

prefix chart

Prefix UN :Unlike,undo, unhappy. Prefix Pre: Prefix , preschool, preoccupied, prefixed  . Prefix Dis: Disagree, disadvantage, dislike, disagreement, disarrange .

Prefix Re: Rearrange, recycle, reinstated, regard, reuse, reusing, reused, reusable. Prefix Bi: Bicycle, .Prefix Anti : Anticlockwise, anti-density.

Prefix Tri: Triangle , triangular, tricycle tripod. Prefix auto: Automobile , autograph, autobiography ,autobiographer, autograph, autobiographic.

Prefix Non : Nonessential , nondairy. Prefix Mis: Misunderstood, misunderstand.



The ancient keys of doom!


As I was walking sand got in my eye. I was just trying to find my brother. I’m Zena by the way. “Come on, Mum said we have to get some nice, juicy tomatoes,” Said Ali.

“Alright then let’s get going,” she said. As they stumbled across they accidently bumped into a strange looking man. “Hello you two little children where are you going?,” He said. “UUUMMM, nowhere,” they said together.

Then the man gave them a pair of keys. “Use it, but carefully, alright,” He slowly said. “But what for.” Ali said cautiously.

The man didn’t answer, he just slowly walked of. “What do you think we could do with these keys,” Ali said. “Why don’t we see if this can actually unlock somethings?” Said Zena.

“Come on, lets have some fun,” Ali said excitedly. While we were walking we saw a jail door in a trembling cave. ” I wonder if these keys will actually open the lock,” said Zena. “Let’s have a go then.” Ali said calmly.

When we went through the  crooked jail door there was a dead skeleton walking towards us. “AAAAHHHH!!!!!” yelled Ali “Help me Zena, let’s get out!” We rushed to get out of the door. “Lets give these keys back to the mysterious man”. As soon as they saw the man quickly gave it back to him and never went to the man again.






all about me

Hi! My name is Einaas. I am a Muslim . I have a little sister a mum and a dad. My favourite animal is a panda and dogs. My favourite colour is purple,green and turquoise.  My hobby is swimming,origami,crafts,sewing and arts.I hope you enjoy my blog over the years . BYE!

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